Who needs this Artcompass Club of yours?

Artcompass Club is a space that brings together people in love with art. The works presented on our site will become a worthy decoration of any space from a luxurious loft to a small apartment.

Briefly about us

Artcompass Club is an open, creative Internet space that brings together people in love with art. This is an art gallery that provides young artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work to a much wider audience than can be collected on non-specialized resources. This is a platform that allows everyone to find and buy a painting that will complement the interior of his house as simply as possible. This is an open catalog of works that allows anyone interested in your work to learn more about you and your paintings, as well as to get the opportunity to contact you directly. If you are a connoisseur of contemporary art or just want to learn a little more about it and «first hand», then you have definitely come to the right place.

How we are working?

The main idea of the project is to help young artists find their audience in the art world and help to realize already finished works. Also, one of the main goals underlying Artcompass Club is the popularization of art in general, and contemporary art in particular. The paintings of contemporary artists are of great interest from connoisseurs of beauty all over the world and we would like to help in the development of this trend in Ukraine and the CIS countries. We do not sell or buy anything by ourselves. We act as a liaison between people who want to buy a painting and artists who would like to sell their work. We want to help all those who are looking for each other to meet by establishing contact at the Artcompass site.

Why are we an artist?

The art gallery, as a place for exhibiting and selling works, is, after all, the prerogative of established artists. And the sale of paintings on busy streets and in city parks has long ceased to be at least distantly related to art, having turned into the implementation of stamped works in an artistic direction. Of course, you can always sell your work among people you know or create your own small community on any popular social network. However, the issue of limited audience and the impossibility of expanding it (especially if you prefer to devote your time to creating pictures, rather than conducting PR campaigns) sooner or later will lead you to a dead end. For our part, we suggest that you concentrate on creativity and the development of your own unique style, leaving us with all the worries associated with finding a target audience that will be interested in your work. All you need to do is place information for those who want to buy a painting on our site and indicate the way the buyer can contact you.

Why do we need a buyer?

If you are looking for something truly unique and think that digital printing of graphic images on canvases or stamping of the same type of paintings by artisan artists have very little in common with contemporary art, then you will definitely like it with us. We really appreciate the desire to create unique and beautiful things and believe that young Ukrainian artists and their works deserve to be known about as wide a circle of people as possible. First of all, our goal is to post and provide information. We want to fill the gap that is now clearly visible on the art market in Ukraine and the CIS countries, the gap between elite «gallery» art and paintings drawn in a template and exclusively for decorative purposes. Our goal is not only to help you find exactly the style and those creators whose works will truly impress you, making it easy to contact directly with the author you like. We truly believe that paintings by contemporary artists deserve attention and we want to make the search process easier for anyone who wants to buy such a painting.

A little bit in the end

We really would like to see Artcompass Club as a territory and an Internet platform for free people who want to go beyond the proposed and stereotyped vision of art. We strive to become the very space where every undertaking, every idea and every creator will find its place and where everyone can find what he is looking for.